Virtual Machine - An Exercise in Development - Part 3

I'm currently developing on a Mac, at least for open-source development, and I'm going to do all of the development for this excercise utilizing a virtual machine for the hosting environment. While it's certainly possible to do all development entirely on a Mac, I find it can lead to issues and conflicts and we can avoid most issues by using a VM.

I've done this before, a bit differently, with the files living on the Mac, and utilizing PHPStorm to SCP files to the VM on save for testing/hosting, but this time I'm going to utilize a samba share with inspiration from

I'll enumerate out the steps, and maybe I'll come back and add more detail, but this page is (at least not currently) a complete guide to setup.


  • Create virtual machine via installation media
  • Configure VM (standard housekeeping)
  • Create directory
  • Install nginx
  • ... dev installations to follow